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    VSH Menu

    Is there a way to change the button (select) to open the VSH menu to another button (per se, start)?
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    2 VSH menus on my psp???

    I have pro-b3 installed on my psp-3000 Evrything was fine intill i tryed installing snes9x. after i put snes9x on my system whenever i press select to get into the VSH menu 2 come up at the same time and i cannot read anything on it. The only way to get one on the screen is to go down to exit...
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    Reset VSH and Reset Device

    What is the difference between the 2 using a 6.39 ME-9.4?
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    some basics plz about vsh menu...

    guys i have been trying to learn some basics . plz explain to me whatever u can cpu clock xmb,,,, its gives default and other values , on what should i place and y, same question for CPU clock game and plz tell me umd iso mode also. that m33 driver and np9660 sony mode last quetion plz , m...
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    Vsh restart freeze

    Well I restarted my Vsh and well after the it froze up well I mean you could see ever thing move but all the buttons stop work even the power so what do you think is wrong? and to cancel the thing out I had to take out the battery
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    Missing VSH menu

    So after some trouble with creating a softmod pandora battery and making a mms with the PSP Tool. Both PSP's lost their VSH menu. I dont know what the problem is. One is on 5.00 m33, the other is on 6.39 ME-8. The reason one is on ME-8, is because i thought switching cfw would help. Not a...
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    Is the VSH menu really necessary? I mean everything you do at the VSH menu you can do in the recovery menu right? So is it just for convenience? The reason im asking is because i went from 5.50 Prome-4 -> 6.39 ME-8 And my VSH isnt showing up.
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