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    Was there ever a yellow official dreamcast vmu? I have the official dreamcast yellow controller. But can't find the yellow vmu to match it. All the other colors like red, blue, green, white, and black all have the matching color with them. Just wondering...
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    Why do my VMUs hold less than 200 blocks?

    I remember VMUs are supposed to hold 200 blocks for space. Well, 4 of my 5 normal sega VMUs have less than 5 blocks space left, and I needed to free up space for new saves, so I was looking at them in the bios menu... I started counting the used blocks (from the saves) on a few of them which...
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    Dreamcast Controller & VMUs

    What colors of Dreamcast controllers and VMU's are the ones to watch out for? Are the green transparent controllers/vmus worth more?
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    Hi all, I don't know about you, but I like to try and play all the games I own, not just squirrell them away in their original cellophane. The problem that leads to however is all the game saves you accumulate over many memory cards! I personally have numbered my VMUs with stickers, and keep...
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    Storing/organizing your VMUs

    Just something random I thought about. I like to keep my save files after beating a game, but with the Dreamcast VMU having so little storage capacity, one must have quite a lot of VMUs to do so. But storing so many VMUs is not that easy, and organizing them makes it even harder..looking...
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    Vinyl "Skins"for Your Dreamcasts, VMU's, and Controllers

    s-l1600.jpg I found these on eBay. They are marked, "buy 1, get 1 free," but are they any good? Dreamcast Console vinyl covers DC Controller covers VMU covers
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