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    Chankast 025 Pre Configured for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

    Ive read many posts about people having a hard time configuring Chankast 025 so i decided to configure it myself and post it in these forums. Just follow the provided instructions within the file and you will be playing dreamcast games in no time.**Note: Also works in Windows XP, Vista and...
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    PMFPlay on Vista Problem

    Hi All, I have been searching the web, this forum, and as well as other forums for information on a few how-to-do's. I haven't been able to find the way to veiw .pmf files on my pc. I installed pmfplay_h.264_decoder on my pc and tried to use "Windows Media Player" and "Media Player Classic"...
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    Windows Vista with Adhoc-to-USB?

    hey guys ive been trying to help this person on Xlink Kai to get his psp online. it says it reachable but his psp doesnt show up in the devices. he goes to the guild hall in monster hunter portable 3rd and he just cant see anyone. he has: a psp with cfw "5.50 prome 4" windows vista whats the...
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    Ac of war - vista error

    This game is not working on my computer. I have vista installed and every time i go to play it it comes up some directX initialization error then shuts down automatically. What do you think was wrong there?
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