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    Dreamcast LTD Edition Vinyl

    So I was wondering who was lucky enought to get an order in for one of these bad boys HERE I managed to pre-order 2 of them in the JB-hifi site before they went out of stock, cant wait to add them to my collection :mrgreen:
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    dreamcast collection vinyl record

    I'm not able to find this thing anywhere. even on australian ebay. is it literally impossible to find now or is there still a shimmer of hope for me yet? I really want this thing and I even have a record player so I can actually listen to it. Does anyone have one they'd like to give up for their...
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    Dreamcast vinyl skins?

    Sega Dreamcast Skins Vinyl popular designs Apparently you can buy vinyl skins for your dreamcast console or controller. I think I saw some of these on consoles on ebay recently. I was wondering where some of these weird things like the granite dreamcast were coming from.
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    Dreamcast Vinyl skins

    So last week, I picked up a dreamcast, couple controllers, and a stack of burned games for $30 at a garage sale. Everything worked fine except the system, controllers, and everything else plastic was yellowing and coated in a thick layer of dirt and crap. It looked like someone had intentionally...
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    Vinyl "Skins"for Your Dreamcasts, VMU's, and Controllers

    s-l1600.jpg I found these on eBay. They are marked, "buy 1, get 1 free," but are they any good? Dreamcast Console vinyl covers DC Controller covers VMU covers
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