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    Da Vinci Code, The

    Cheat ModeGo to codes at the options menu then type the code in: Effect - Code All Visual Database entries Unlocked - Apocrypha All bonuses Unlocked - Et In Arcadia Ego Double Health - Sacred Feminine God Mode - Vitruvian Man Level Select - Clos Luce 1519 One Hit Fist Kill -...
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    Da Vinci Code

    Cheat mode Choose the "Codes" selection at the "Options" menu: THE VITRUVIAN MAN - Louvre Revisted level unlocked Mansion: Shed box The code for the box in the shed is 13, 21, 34. Answer to the Puzzle "OH LAME SAINT" The Answer to the Anagram puzzle "OH LAME SAINT" is "THE MONA LISA"...
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