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    Zombie Vikings

    Various Steam AchievementsComplete the indicated task to unlock the achievement. Achievement How to unlock A Helping Hand Complete all sidequests in the game. A new Beginning Complete the secret Fe dream sequence. Are You Sleeping? Have 6 enemies stunned at the same time...
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    Lost Vikings, The (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Baleog: Slot 1-Battery MadCatz E6BD47DC952F Top Baleog: Slot 1-Blue Key MadCatz 2E8C57E85E09 Top Baleog: Slot 1-Blue Potion...
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    Lost Vikings Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Quicksand To get past quicksand in the EGYPT level simply climb trees near the quicksand. Scorpions The key to beating the scorpion is to stay close enough to the scorpion that you can slash it with your sword, but far enough that you don't get hit by the scorpions sting.
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    Lost Vikings Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Passwords The vikings may be lost, but you won't be with these passwords. 2 TLPT 12 QCKS 22 BTRY 32 8BLL 3 GRND 13 PHR0 23 JNKR 33 TRDR 4 LLMO 14 CIR0 24 RVTS 34 FNTM 5 FLOT 15 SPKS 25 CBLT 35 WRLR 6 TRSS 16 JMNN 26 HOPP 36 PDDY 7 PRKS 17 SNDS 27 SMRT 37 TRPD 8 CVRN 18 TMPL 28...
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    Lost Vikings 2 Passwords & Walkthru (for Super Nintendo)

    Passwords ST3W Level 2 K3YS Level 3 TRSH Level 4 SW1M Level 5 TW0! Level 6 T1M3 Level 7 K4RN Level 8 B0MB Level 9 WZRD Level 10 BLKS Level 11 TLPT Level 12 GYSR Level 13 B3SV Level 14 R3T0 Level 15 DRNK Level 16 Y0VR Level 17 0V4L...
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    Lost Vikings Tips & Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    How do you beat Tomator on the Baelog part First you have to get to float with your shield across to the right side of the screen. Pick up the bombs. Now float to the middle and drop the bombs on to the bricks with him on it. He will fall through to the bottom.
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    The Lost Vikings

    Gotta post about this amazing game. Has anyone ever played it? It was one of the first games ever made by Blizzard back in 1992. (They are now mainly known for World of Warcraft and Starcraft) It was released on other systems, like the Genesis, DOS, Amiga, and later on GBA. (GBA version is a...
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