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    Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks Over the past few days we’ve noticed a number of videos and screenshots purporting to show sneak peeks or previews of upcoming Varlamore gameplay. This isn’t true (mostly). Part of our playtesting efforts...
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    Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online Tribute videos

    Hello guys, I'm new here, but not to Dreamcast online. I made two tribute videos 3 years ago and thought that I'd share them with you. I have two videos: Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB -DEC 2006 [Dreamcast] and Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB-APR 2007 [Dreamcast] (HD). The HD vid is...
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    Where do Quake 3 video's save to?

    So I was recording some beast dreamcast action and wanted to upload them to youtube but I dont know where they save to.
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    I love watching these type of videos ! And our buddy :
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    PSO Videos

    So i recently started playing PSOPC again and Tiberian Sun again. My two favorite games as a kid. i felt like recording it all so now im gonna post it here. i think i hacked the best character. can run through ultimate pretty easy in later videos after i changed their area stats...
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    My youtube Channel/Dreamcast Videos

    Hey guys, I've been posting/linking to my videos in the DC video thread but I wanted to draw a little more direct attention to it (ie my channel) in terms of feedback as it seems not many people check that thread out, maybe I am overloading it? I hope not, either way I wanted to open a thread...
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    Old Dreamcast videos

    I recently got an IDE to USB adapter and started pulling files from my old hard drives. I found these old IGN videos from this dude that was crazy about the Dreamcast. These have to be around 2000-2001 era. Anyone know this guy? I think he lived in Japan and reviewed games for IGN back in the...
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    How do you record high quality PSP videos?

    Alright At the momment I'm using RemoteJoyLite and it's quality sucks [maybe wrong settings? dunno]. This uploader here: Has very high quality settings. How can I get such quality?
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    Want to rip Hatsune Miku - Project Diva 2 Music Videos

    I already used UMDGen and QuickBMS to extract some files: Diva2Data.cpk 402MB Diva2Script.cpk 8MB Diva2Sound.cpk 581MB I believe the third one is the right file*, since the files I extracted have names that match the PVs I can watch in the game. The thing is that the files have...
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    Best memory stick for videos and music?

    I'm thinking about buying a 16 GB memory stick, mainly for multimedia usage. I know fake memory sticks aren't good for ISO loading, MMS making, or think like that - but how do they hold up when it comes to videos? What is the cheapest, yet reliable, card to get for 16 GB of storage space?
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    How to convert videos to mp4 for psp

    hello thanks for this awesome community the forum threads have helped me a lot i just want to know how i can convert a video of any format to mp4 so it can play on the psp ive tried to do it on my own with a software "AVS Video Converter" but the output video doesnt play on the psp and the...
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