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    psp 3004 ver 6.31

    Help me is urgent hi to all members i m new user any budy help me how to hack psp 6.31 ver tell me i m waiting
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    SANDISK Gaming ver - Have a Bootleg/Fake?

    Hello guys, noobs gotta need help again here :mrgreen: I'm planning to buy MS Pro DUo Sandisk 8 GB Online, and i find one with a decent price like $35.. i don know whether it's an original one or not, so i'm asking here, is there any MSD Pro DUO Sandisk Gaming version that is fake? :mrgreen...
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    PSP Go N1004, DC: 9C, Ver. 5.70 to 6.20. How to start TN-E ?

    Hi guys, I in the past had a 1004 and a 3004. ( Sold both ). Now I've just bought the Go N1004 and it had 5.70 OFW. I've just downloaded and installed the 6.20 from I want to know, to start the TN-E do I only need the files in this link: - psp 6.20 tn-e released/...
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    Hacking PSP3001 @ Ver 6.35

    RESOLVED! THANKS! Hello, I've tried nearly everything to get my PSP hacked and homebrewed. But I seem to be running into a roadblock here. I got as far as getting temp homebrew with the Everybody's Sukkuri game exploit. But past that, it seems to lose the homebrew and half the programs I put...
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    psp 3004 pb software ver 6.35 how to play .iso games

    Friends, i just purchase a psp 3004 pb ver 6.35 but i don''t know how to install a .iso games. please help me. thanks in advance
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