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    Vagrant Story EUR Version [SLES_02754] CWCheats

    Vagrant Story CWCheats _S SLES_02754 _G Vagrant Story [EU] _C0 Ashley Riot unlimited health _L 8011FA58 03E7 _L 8011FA5A 03E7 _C0 Ashley Riot unlimited magic _L 8011FA5C 03E7 _L 8011FA5E 03E7 _C0 Ashley Riot max strength _L 8011FA62 03E7 _L 8011FA64 03E7 _C0 Ashley Riot max intelligence _L...
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    Vagrant Story Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Combining equipment Combine Fluted armour with Scale armour to get Hoplite armour. Then combine this with another Hoplite armour to get Jazeraint armour. Finally, combine this with another Jazeraint armour to get the ultimate armour, Dread armour. | [Sent by DaveNightingale] Extra Human...
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