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    How To Put PSP 2004 (TA-085 V1) Mother Board in PSP 3004?

    hi Guys Today i bought a PSP 3004 I Try To Hack it But Useless So I planned To Change The Motherboard i remember that i have my old psp 2004 with TA-085 V1 so Help me Guys And Show Me How To Change The Motherboard If Its Video It Will Be Better And Thanks :)
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    v3 exchange v1

    is it possible to put psp1000 motherboard to psp3000 than run the psp3000 in version 5.50gen-d?
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    How do I downgrade from 6.60 ME v1 CF to 6.39 ME-9 without Pandora?

    Topic title says it all. I would like to downgrade because all seplugins work better there. and of course without pandora if possible.
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