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    Sega says hackers stole data of 1.29 million users

    Complete thing here: Sega says hackers stole data of 1.29 million users - BBC News This part deserves quote: "The hacker group Lulz Security, which has been involved in a number of high profile attacks, including one against Sega rival Nintento, has denied involvement in the Sega case...
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    Idea to get us even more Dreamcast online users :)

    If someone knows Adam Koralik, or Mark from CGR, or other popular youtube dreamcast channels. We should send them Dreampi kits so they can show tons of people the world of Dreamcast online :) Just a thought
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    A question for PAL users.

    Hi, I posted this the other day and it was recommended I asked pal users. I've recently bought a 55 inch 4K Samsung TV. It doesn't have a scart or VGA port, so neither the scart cable or VGA box can be plugged into it. I was wondering the best way to go about connecting it? Obviously some sort...
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