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    Useing version.txt to downgrade to the lowest possible FW

    I have a psp 1003 (A.K.A Phat), I am on FW 6.20 TN-E. I want to downgrade to FW 5.50 GEN-D (full) I am able to downgrade to 5.02 OFW or higher useing the version.txt(5.00) then install a FW higher than 5.00, i install OFW 5.03 then try to install ChikenR2 but i never can i've tryed to for hours...
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    What Firmware Should I Be Useing

    I have just returned to the land of PSP, and it would seem that one would need a map to navigate this once simple place. @.@ I have 2 PSPs here that haven't been updated in a long time and have found the guides on how to do the updates, however I am not sure what update I should be using. The...
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