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    Help I can't access my files in usb mode

    Hello everyone I need some help :( I appreciate your help in advance I have a 2001 psp with cfw version 5.50 GEN-D3 and suddenly when I enter into usb mode I can't access any of my files , all my folders (ISO , PSP, etc) are 1 kb and have a direct access symbol in their folder icons. I have...
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    usb wont connect

    i used to connect the same usb into the psp and into the computer all the time and now suddenly its stopped working, i cant find out if its a unknown device or anything like that cause it wont show, it used to show unknown device in the bottom right of my computer and now it wont even say that...
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    Can i play isos from usb by any program

    Can i play isos from usb by any program on psp 1001 6.20 pro b9
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    Getting my PSP online using a USB adaptor

    ok so i have a wired router for my internet and i bought a usb PSP wifi adaptor. I have installed the drivers for the device and set it up on the PC and i can see the PSP. Problem i have is that i cant get the psp to see the wifi adaptor at all. how can i get this to work ? thanks
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    PSP Go USB Extension Lead?

    Anyone seen one of these around, know if they even exist? The standard USB cable is really short, awkward to play whilst plugged into mains. Would like to get some sort of USB extension cable, however because its sort of proprietary both ends of the cable (the USB end has notches that prevent...
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    cheap place to buy psp go usb cable+charger

    i just bought a psp go for $140 but it didn't include a charger or anything,and i checked it that both charger and cable cost $30 altogether wtf overpriced price of junk. where can i find a originial psp go usb+charger for only 5~10 dollars? must be offical
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    psp usb dont work

    evey time i put my psp in my computer it says USB Device Not recognized so i put it in my ps3 and it wint in and out of usb mode fast i need help to fix it plz help
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    PSP Type B USB Driver complications HELP!

    Okay Ive posted some screens of everything I see. This is a problem with PSP Type B Driver in case you missed the thread title so take a look at these screenshots. This IS a little lengthy so I'm hoping whoever answers likes to read for a hobby. before that, here are my specs: PSP Go Brite 05g...
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    So i just installed 6.39 PRO B8 but no USB recharge?

    Any fix for that? it only recharges if i'm in USB MODE but not while browsing or playing... Edit: almost forgot, its a psp 2000 btw, those ones that got no need to activate the hack when u boot it up.
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    Best way to use a PSP as a PC Game Pad through USB

    I know there are multiple ways of doing this, but I don't know which is the best.
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    USB ISO Loader issues

    Hey everyone... I am having a major issue with USB ISO Loader. Everytime I try running an iso from my hard drive, the program locks up on my psp. The very same ISO is running fine on PROMETHEUS ISO Loader from my memory stick. I have booted the USB ISO Loader in Memory stick mode and tried...
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    No more USB psp video out? or USB iso loaders?

    M`k, So. recently hacked the PSP again. And I dont see any of the old apps that used to be fairly popular in the hacking world. I dont see anything like them now...So...What happened? Back in the day, You could have a PSP output video directly onto your PC`s monitor via USB through some tools...
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    USB port question

    Is there any way I can watch my videos from my portable hard drive using the a normal slim ps2 with no mod chips or anything. Is there a way I could run linux from the hard drive or something? This may be a stupid question but I really have not got a clue.
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