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    Help updating my PSP

    Ok I have a psp 1000 with CFW 5.50 Prome-4 Is that the latest or is there newer I have not been in this for abit im kinda lost now a days please help
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    Help on updating PSP-1001 3.90 M33-3 to newest

    Hi i was reading around since i just picked up my old PSP again and am looking into playing it again, im wondering how i can update my 3.90 M33-3 psp to the latest firmware to play hacked and homebrew? Any tutorials for a newb i havent changed the firmware in like two years and have no idea what...
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    Bought used psp, with CFW already installed. need help updating it.

    Greetings, I check system information and it shows version 6.35, if i apply the cfw it reads version 6.35 PRO. no suffix like A1 or B7. I uploaded a video so maybe someone can identify the CFW i have installed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Farv2UUinRQ I would like to a CFW that supports...
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    Trouble updating from 5.03 gen C to 6.20 permenent

    Today i decided to update my firmware from 5.03 gen C with the Kxploit to 6.20 permanent on my psp 3000. An easy task that i shouldn't need help with and unfortunately i cant even get past the updating to ofw 6.20. I reverted back to 5.03 ofw and placed the 6.20 update in PSP/GAME/UPDATE and...
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    Psp freezing upon updating, playing iso, etc.

    I have a psp 2001 TA-85... I had 5.50 Gen-D3 on it and wanted to update to the 6.20 pro.. I had no luck trying to update kept getting the white psp screen then freezing.. I then used a pandora battery and magic memory stick to boot and installed 5.00 m33-4... Tried to update to OFW 6.20 and...
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    psp 3004 switched off during updating ofw

    hi all i have a psp 3004 i was updating it from 6.10 ofw to 6.20 ofw and just as it started updating it switched off now it powers on then goes off again is it bricked?
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    Bricked my PSP 1000 while updating, plz help

    I was updating my psp and then accidently turned it off. Now when I turn it on the power light is green but the screen won't work. I don't have the money for a pandora and mms. Please help.
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    Issues With Programs and Updating

    Well I've got a problem.... I have a PSP2000 (not quite sure what version) and I've had no problems loading CFW and apps on it up till around yesterday. I was on 5.00 M33-6 with Prometheus-4 and was trying to play MH Portable 3. I had done so months ago with the same settings (with a few issues...
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    Updating from 5.50 GEN-D3 CFW

    Hello all, due to me having 2 US PSP accounts i've been able to download all 4 free PSP games available as part of the "Welcome Back" package. What i'm looking to do is update the custom firmware so i'll be able to connect my PSP to my PS3 to transfer the games to the PSP. Seeing as i'm a bit...
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    Updating from 4.01 m33-2

    Hey so I'm currently running 4.01 M33-2 CFW on my PSP 1001. I mainly use it for emulation (PSX and Nintendo) and I was wondering what would be the best software to update to? I noticed that there was a popsloader update for 6.xx firmware and I'd like to have the latest so ya? A link to the...
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    Updating from 5.50 GEN-B

    Hi all, Been almost since i last used my PSP. My firmware is still 5.50 GEN-B(FULL) Whats the fastest way to update to the lastest firmware ? THANKS ALOT !
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    Internet not working after updating CFW 6.20 PRO B-9

    After updating my PSP from firmware OFW 6.20 to CFW 6.20 PRO-B9, all of a sudden my internet stopped working on my psp. It says I can access to an access point but then says a connection error has occured. I tried restarting my router and making sure my W-LAN was on. So I configured all my...
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    is it ok to update because i have a psp 1000 and its hacked (5.00 M33-6). will going online and updating brick it? how can i update?
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    my psp is harm system by updating ofwby shutdown power. How to fix?

    please help me. my psp (fat 1000) is harm system by i updating firmware then power out. i try open again but it no happen to show. it show only power light. what do i do should fix it? please help me..................
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