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    Unused Game Content ~ Mario Bros. Classic (E) PAL NES Unused Mario Bros. Title Screen Theme Song

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    Unused Skater in THPS demo

    I found an unused skater in the THPS1 demo for DC. This character is also in the full version of THPS1. I found it while modding the THPS1 demos from the generator, dreamon, odcm disks etc. The unused skaters name is RASTA and you can swap the model and play as this character. Kinda cool...
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    Sonic Adventure - Unused Music Tracks?

    Let me explain. So, one day, I was playing Sonic Adventure on my little white box of joy. I got bored, and went into the Sound Test inside the Options menu. I went into "Jingle", where it displayed a bunch of music tracks from the game. But what really caught my eye was four possibly unused...
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