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    Unreleased Dreamcast Betas, Katana Bios Screens pt1

    Nice, I checked out both posts. Too bad these games were never released.
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    covers & booklets for homebrew & unreleased stuff

    check this out; the guy makes it all himself & its all for sale personally I think he does an awesome job 8-) Flickr
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    What unreleased game would you most like to see ?

    Personally, my choice would be Agartha. It was a Horror game being developed by the same guy who did the original Alone In The Dark. The storyline really appealed to me as did the visuals. Unfortunately it was scrapped when Sega closed No Cliche in 2001. Maybe sometime it will see the light...
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    TD Cycles unreleased game

    DREAMCAST TD CYCLES UNRELEASED - YouTube help send him a msg or comment on his thread to have him share it
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    list of unreleased games for dreamcast that r 100% playable

    If anyone could help me out with a list of games that were completed but never released for dreamcast that are 100% playable it would be great thanks as I want to buy them.
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    Looks like another Unreleased Dreamcast game just....

    Looks like this was a total and complete fake. Sorry all This time it is a Power Rangers game! :D I used to watch it back in 93 or 94, whenever it first came out and I was like in 3rd grade. Oh man the memories. This time it is a PSX port. Yes that is the Playstation cover. Here is...
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    unreleased Dreamcast soundtracks?

    I'm a big VGM junkie. So I know there's probably quite a few. I'm wondering if there is a list somewhere that I can view? And if a list doesn't exist, I say we make one. 8-)
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    Geist unreleased GDR found!

    Wow, how couild I miss this!? I have been away from the forums for a few days, and I see that somebody by the name of Donnyk over at Assembler has shown a GDR with a date from 98 and the writting Geist on the front. He claims to be an old school Sega employee and has much to tell. He even said...
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    Games that were finished but unreleased...

    Here's a thing that popped into my head the other day. What games are there that were 100% (or close to it) complete but were unreleased on the Dreamcast? I know of Propeller Arena and Half-Life, but are there any others? It's pretty much out of curiosity.
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    The unreleased SEGA 'Saturn 2' and The Dreamcast Story

    CREDIT: HerzogZwei I wanted to discuss the never-released 'Saturn 2' that was supposed to have been developed with Lockheed Martin Real3D technology. From Next Generation November 1995 (sister magazine of EDGE): http://i.imgur.com/4fBFl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Z6hbZ.jpg...
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    Unreleased Ripcord games

    So I just picked up Spec Ops 2, and on the back of the manual it has an ad for 3 games that are listed as "coming soon". Ripcord is out of business and only one game has any info I could find. The three are: Legend of the Blade Masters (was also coming to PC, I could find some info that it was...
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    Traveller - Unreleased Dreamcast game!

    It was intended to be a space based first person RPG. It seems that it was not particularly advanced in development. The Dragon's Eyrie Go to "Projects" on the main page as the link above does not take you directly to the page with the Traveller. Iv'e no idea if anybody here heard of this...
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    Official Dreamcast NTSC-U Unreleased List

    Hi all! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would like to know the exact licensed NTSC-U games that were completed but never officially saw a release during the Dreamcast's lifespan. Anyone have an up to date accurate list? Regards, Alex
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    Unreleased commercial DC games, the running tab

    Help me make a list of the officially unreleased dreamcast commercial games. I'm going to separate it into two lists. List one is going to be those unreleased games which saw an unofficial release (IE: were leaked), list two is going to be unreleased games which had definite production work...
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    Another unreleased game found

    Deer Avenger 3: The Dreamcast Junkyard: Unreleased Dreamcast Game Deer Avenger 3 Discovered Original Reddit post: Reddit, i found a game never ported to the dreamcast! sega confidential disc found : gaming What do you think of it?
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