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    Unknown Great DC Games

    Post your Unknown Great DC Games. This list is for people who don't own a DreamCast but need to know what games to get, it is also for people looking for something knew to play.
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    under rated \ unknown games?

    hey whats up? So do any of you have any games that are unknown or generally considered bad\average games but are actually pretty awesome? I got Virtua Striker which I think is much more fun than what people say, it's not PES2011 but if you got a friend or two with you it's really funny and fun...
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Easy "A Continental Fellow" trophyTake note of your starting location or keep a saved game file at the global map each time you are almost finished with a game in order to keep track of which locations you have already completed. Play under the easy difficulty setting and use second wave...
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    Memory Turned to MagicGate unknown

    Alright, at first it was my birthday and my sister bought me an 8GB memory stick. I quickly check whether The magic gate is supported, and it say supported. After 4 month of using it. It turns to "magicgate: unknown" and i couldn't save my games, put games inside, delete games, can't format...
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    Unknown Error code PSN

    So I used PSNLover to get my psn to work because I have 5.50 Prome 4. After getting PSNLover now I have a new error when trying to sign up with psn. Here it is: "A Connection error has occured (80551021) So far Searching google and the forus has not given any results.
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    PSP Type B Driver is "Unknown Driver"

    When it occurs, this is what it looks like in Device Manager. When I unplug the USB and plug back into the PSP it reappears as a known driver. http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d156/MasterAlec/Unknowndriver.jpg Does anyone know what that means?
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