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    My "unhackable" PSP-2000 is hacked

    I am very confused because ever since I bought my PSP I have read things about how it can't be hacked. I bought a PSP Slim in China in about 2008. I didn't know anything about it, including what kind of motherboard it had, but the guy showed it to me on the spot that it was hacked. It...
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    PSP3000 and 6.37: Unhackable but downgradeable?

    Hey :) Ive read stickies and some general guides/tutorials but some use old information.... Basically I have a PSP-3000 (I remove the battery and it states and it is a Model PSP-3004, 4 being the region) and it is on 6.37. AFAIK, this combination is unhackable. BUT Googling I see its possible...
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