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    Japanese Shenmue Undub Patch disc?

    There is any Shenmue Undub Japanese Only -> JAP with English subtitles? I Own only Japanese Shenmue... EDIT: Fixed the title.
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    Shenmue Undub JP Speech ENG Subs

    Hello again DC-Talk ppl. If any1 is interested I am trying to create a Shenmue undub. goto shenmue dojo to check it out. I have some ideas about a few mods that I still want to complete for dreamcast. I might be back for awhile. Who knows? :)
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    AnoHito - GRANDIA2 Undub

    Pls goto AnoHito's blog or youtube channel and encourage him to continue this Grandia2 Undub project! ISANS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXHrmV_gUeY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s6oUtZvM74
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    Shenmue1 Undub

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qpzhgxu7_0 Shenmue1 Undub is finally 100% complete! (JP Speech, ENG Subs) Fits standard 80min cd-r's. (Nothing is Removed, PAL Version, CDDA, Coca Cola Mod, FREE SPEECH & CINEMATICS FULL Undub) Notes: **The only time that NPCs are silent is if there are...
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    Shenmue Undub: Download issue

    Yo Dreamcast bros Some nice person made something called Shenmue Undub, which you all are probably familiar with. The download links for the game roms are here: Shenmue Dojo • View topic - Shenmue Undub [Japanese Speech Mod] [CD-R 80/99/GDI] But no matter how many times I try to download it...
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    Shenmue Undub Released!

    SMiTH's Shenmue Undub is finally released and good to go! You can get it here! SMiTH released it through ReviveDC so we could give it a nice polish so it could go toe to toe with the rest of our releases, but all the dirty hard work was his doing, so make sure you let him know how much you...
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