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    Unbricking help..

    So I recently got out the old PSP (1003), it has a chip in it (diluted platinum, epsilon chip), but this is very old and outdated and as far as I know unsupported anymore, so I decided to try to install GEN D-3 instead to play newer games. To do this I updated to 5.03, used ChickHEN and then...
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    Unbricking a PSP 3000?

    Can someone please find or tell me a way to unbrick a 3000? I know it has to be possible. People. We have the technology.
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    I Need Help Unbricking PSP with Pandora.

    Info: My PSP is Bricked. I bricked it by trying to use TimeMachine, and the TimeMachine Menu was blank.. I thought that it was just taking a while to load so i pressed X on the first blank option.. it was loading then suddenly it stopped loading. and the PSP turned off... i think if formatted...
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