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    how to unbrick a psp

    how can i unbrick my psp (fat)
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    Need Help to Unbrick PSP GO 6.35

    i need help to unbrick my friends psp go 6.35 he tried to update his cfw from 6.20 to 6.35 then it just wont start green power lights only and black screen. can it still be fix? need advice or tutorial on how to fix it. thx u so much
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    How to unbrick a fully Bricked psp 2001 TA-88V3 +

    I have a psp 2001, I was trying to hack it using a pandora battery and MagicStick but it never reached the mod screen........ So I then knew that it was the latest psp slim. I am not exactly sure what motherboard it is, but I think it is the TA-88v3 or later. It was on OFW 4.01 so i updated to...
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    Unbrick PSP-1000??

    So yeah, I have a few issues with my PSP-1000 earlier. I touched the flash0, and then it bricked. I can't access recovery mode for your information. So is there anyway to recover the flash0 and save the PSP. And yes, I don't want to waste much money to buy that Datel shit. I just want to solve...
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    unbrick my psp 2000 with pandora ?

    hi i got a psp 2000, that is bricked. When i turn it on, nothing happend, but the green light is on, and cant the console of except by taking the battery out. bought a pandora set (pandora battery + memory stick 2gb) how am i going to unbrick my console ? still very noobish about this...
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