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    unable to load save file after upgrade to 5.50 prome-2

    hi.. recently i have upgrade my psp cfw to 5.50 prome-2 from 3.90.. but after upgrade, i cant load my save file for two of my game.. diner dash and sudoku. It show corrupted files.. :( can anyone please help.. thanks
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    PSP 1000 on 5.03 unable to use ChickHEN R2

    Hello Chaps, I'm having a problem getting chickHEN to run on my PSP. I honestly don't know if i'm going about this in the right way, as all the information i find is pretty old. I pulled out my old PSP fat (that i haven't used for over a year) and it was running firmware 4.0 something, so i...
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    Adhoc unable to connect to game room.

    First of all my psp is 1000 with CTF 5.50 GenD3 promethuis 4. My psp couldn't connect to my wifi but I could play adhoc games so I flashed a new NAND and got a brick, fixed it using Pandora and now I can connect to the internet but can't play adhoc games.
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