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    Using a save data when using a UMD to CFW.

    Hey all, I would use Google to find my answer but I did not know how to word it properly. I bought Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 a few days ago and played on that for eight hours. Soon I did not like having to upload a CFW every time I wanted to play other games I downloaded I went on a search...
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    5.03 gen on psp 3000 wont play umd 3.95 madden 09

    I just modded my psp 3000 yesterday and I can't get my madden 09 retail copy to play and it only requires a 3.95 firmware. Does anyone know what to do because I can't find the answer. I have gen-c full on psp3000. I've researched error codes.
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    UMD Dumper.

    K call me lazy.. Buuut I cant find any specific thread on dumping UMD's. I might just be blind care to redirect me? I just recently started downloading PSX eboots, and use them with pops loader, works fine. And sense my PSP is sort of used a lot, I started having the *home menu* glitch with...
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    UMD Piece

    I just installed a new housing onto my PSP and there is a little piece that came with it that was not in the PSP previously. I was told it goes into the UMD somehow? But i cannot seem to fit it in. it looks like it goes in near the top if the PSP is right side up, but I am wondering if I am...
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    PSP3000 issue with UMD

    I am having problem with my mainboard, when i insert UMD and as soon as i close UMD door the message "Disc could not be read" pop up, so i replaced mainboard and it work so the Laser is not faulty. Then try to replace UMD driver IC still the message!! .. is there any other ic that related to...
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    Logitech rumoured to be working on UMD attachment for PSP Go

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    UMD laser or housing psp 2001 issue

    I recently bought a highly beat up PSP 2001 from a pawn shop. I got a really good deal on it, so I didn't pass it up. Besides an obvious analog pad issue (I'm gonna replace it) it also has an issue when playing UMD games. The issue I have is that whenever I play a UMD game, I "randomly" get...
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    PSP's UMD drive plugged out and replaced with way cooler stuff

    Hello ladies and gentle men, While I was exploring youtubes deep jungles, I found this video: Watch it, be amazed. I wish I could do the same with my psp (with a double Memory card slot duh :bucktooth:). I wonder if some of you guys...
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    Strange UMD problem..

    Hi, I own a PSP 3004......I havent been using my UMD's lately (for over 6 months now)....but now when i try to play a game with my UMD, the UMD options is not diplayed in the XMB - When I insert a UMD and close the door, (if i move my ear to the drive), I hear the disk spinning but only for a...
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    UMD Reader Screws Lost

    Well, I attempted my first full case replacement on my psp 1000; needless to say I have the screws stuck/unusable inside the bracer for the umd drive. . Those are the screws that are useless now, does anyone know where to get replacement screws? Most of the screw kits that I've seen online do...
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    UMD Door question

    The steel ring in my UMD door is really scratched and i was wondering if i were to remove it if I could just flip it and put it back would it look like nothing happened or is it just a finish that sony puts on it to make it look like it does?
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    Umd drive not doing anything at all

    Hello, so i traded my psp phat to my friend for a slim and was using it for awhile despite it had a tweaked out analog stick and just recently the Umd drive just quit working. My psp specs and stuff: .PSP 2000 Slim v.1 TA-085 Darth Vader Edition (Pandora usable) .Never opened up(taken apart)...
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    Playing UMD w/o updating to 6.35

    Hi all! I was trying to play Tactics Ogre without updating to OFM 6.35. I downloaded and installed Prometheus 4 but the game is still asking for me to update. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time! :D FYI, I was running CFW 5.50 Gen D3.
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    Multi disk UMD on 5.50

    hi all, i've been trying to get some of these new multi-disk UMD games to run in iso form on CFW 5.50 Prome-4, but there doesn't seem to be any way of swapping UMD images. The images themselves boot up fine, but it requires you to swap them within game and there's no functionality for that in...
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    6.20PRO-B5 and UMD games

    Hello everyone, I know this is my first post but I have been lurking for quite some time. I have used many of the tutorials from here to hack my first psp (1000 with 5.00m33-6) but I am having trouble with my new psp (Ghost of Sparta special edition 3000). So my PSP came with the Ghost of...
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    UMD strange sounds

    So my psp slim*its a 2001 model* is making some weird sounds when I try to play umd games like its grinding, or the laser is catching on something..I can take pictures if needed
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    Cleaning PSP 1000 UMD Drive Laser?

    Hey guys, just have a quick question. My PSP UMD drive's laser is not smudged or dirty or anything, but I would like to clean it, just as a maintenance procedure. What should I use? A q-tip and alcohol? Rubbing alcohol has oily residue I am told, but I do have some N64 cartridge cleaner. What...
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    UMD Movie Ripping and coverting to AVI?

    I have a few UMD movie discs that I want to dump and then convert into AVI - is that even possible? I found this tutorial on UMD Ripping for 635 but not sure if it would work on 639 Of course no idea how to...
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    psp wont load umd or anything

    my son install 6.39 pro b7 and perma patch he formatted memory stick by mistake then tried to remove cfw now the psp shuts down ever time you try to load something from memory stick or load umds and there was no vshorig.prx file on memory after first install. HELP!!!!
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    umd dumper

    when using a umd dumper how do i load it to the psp ? i am running cfw! can anyone give me a heads up on this one?
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