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    Code Types - Technical Manual (PSX) By Too Cold

    Quick Tips: You will find that when you start a game with codes active, the codes themselves do not start to be executed until about 5-10 seconds into the game loading. This is useful for loading games, but you may want to test your codes before this period. A simple way to get the codes...
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    Question about game types.

    How to know if the game you have is a 5.55,6.00,6.10 or 6.20?
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    All Custom Firmware types?

    Ok, so I am very confused and not understanding clearly what the differences are between m33, HEN, ME, and all the other ones. I'm hoping to make this clear for me, if someone can post me pros and cons of each and then give their own opinion like which they use and why they use it will be great...
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