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    Zoo Tycoon 2 DS

    Dolphins Glitched dolphins appear when you have two dolphins, male and female, and at least one other animal cage that is not a sea animal. Usually when the other animals have a baby, a dolphin appears with it. The dolphin will appear to be swimming, even when on land. When you click on the...
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    Zoo Tycoon DS

    Bonus scenarios There are four bonus scenarios that are unlocked by completing a scenario under different difficulty setting (beginner, advanced, etc.)
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    Fish Tycoon (Nintendo DS)

    Don't have to wait for fish to have babies, or grow up Go to the DS main menu then go to the little DS at the bottom of the screen then go to the clock Icon. After you click on that you can ether set the alarm,clock or the date but dont set the alarm set the clock or calendar clock for babies...
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    Tycoon City: New York

    Various CodesEnter one of the following codes during game play: Effect - Code $1,000,000 (maximum of $10 million) - [Ctrl] + [Alt] + C 1000 upgrades points - [Ctrl] + [Alt] + U 100 landmark bonds - [Ctrl] + [Alt] + B Add 10,000 to city population - [Ctrl] + [Alt] + A Note: This code can...
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    Tabloid Tycoon

    Cheat modeHold [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect - Code Add leads - dumpster dive Fame set to 0 - walk of shame Fame set to 100 - walk of fame Get indicated...
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    SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon 3D

    MoneyWhen in the game, press SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, and 4. You will then get $5,000.
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    SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon 2

    Codes for money, info, and different viewsWhen playing the game activate the cheats by pressing SHIFT + ALT + D, then use any of the codes. Repeat for each code you want to use. Code - Effect SHIFT + ALT + T - FPS and computer usage SHIFT + ALT + F - Framewire SHIFT + ALT + 4 - Get...
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    SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon

    MoneyHold [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Alt] and press 4. Keep pressing 4 to get get more money.
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    School Tycoon

    Buildings never break downUse a text editor such as notepad to edit the following files in the "c:\program files\cat daddy games\school tycoon\data\buildings" folder: "restrooms.ini", "academic.ini", "administration.ini", "athletic.ini", "entertainment.ini", and "food.ini". Locate the...
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    Fish Tycoon

    C:Infinite/Max Money (No ASM)|020C5BF4 3B9AC9FF|toenailed|Game ID: YF7E 6394bffb C:Infinite Money v2 (ASM)|9201CA94 000058D2<br>1201CA94 000050D2<br>D2000000 00000000|toenailed| ^^ The only working codes as of right now. ^^
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