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  1. F

    Legend of Zelda, The - Twilight Princess (USA) (v2.00)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top All 60 Poe Souls v2 47iscool 0047A03C 0000003C This Does Not Remove Them From The Map Top Always Rain v2 47iscool 004A18D7 000000FA Original V1 Code By...
  2. F

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    1 Rupee Red Potion and Oil Need Oil and Red Potions for just paying one rupee? Find out here! Go to the shop near the Forest Temple, and get out your bottle. Take the oil and run out. The bird will say "...THEIF!" Run back in and check the box and put in one rupee. You're off scot-free! You can...
  3. E

    [DarkEden] Europe & US (Vampire, MMORPG, Horror, Twilight, True Blood)

    DarkEden is a horror MMORPG where you get to choose between 3 races: Vampires, Slayers, Ousters. It is very similar to Diablo - if you liked Diablo, you'll love DarkEden! Game Type: FREE TO PLAY The game is based on the day-night system. Vampires rule the night and slayers/ousters rule the day...
  4. F

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [RZDE01]

    Must Be On for Zelda TP v2 USA [James0x57] 2000283C 92700000 C0000000 00000010 3E008000 62102850 3E20F000 3E400001 3A100008 82700000 82900004 7C138800 40820010 3E200000 7C148800 41820050 8A900001 2C14003E 4082000C 62524D00 48000030 2C140044 4082000C 625289F8 48000020 2C140049 4082000C...
  5. F

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess cheat codes [Wii]

    Fairy Spring Upgrade Entry Location: Gerudo Mesa in Gerudo desert Complete 10 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals for Fairies in the Ordon Spring. Complete 20 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals for Fairies in the Faron Spring Complete 30 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals for Fairies in the Eldin Spring Complete...
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