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    Gran Turismo PSP Exclusive Car Colors Unlocked

    We can Thank Hardtofind for Unlocking the Exclusive Color Cars. HE did the work on them, nobody else, and lost allot of sleep doing so. There are also ALLOT of codes for Gran Turismo PSP already out there for CWCheat besides the Car Color Codes, so I will include them in the post. All...
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    Gran Turismo PSP How To use HyBRiD Codes To Adjust Gear Ratios

    How To use HyBRiD Codes To Adjust Gear Ratios This Guide is a extention of the "How To HyBRiD GT PSP Cars". In order to follow you must already be familiar with the in's and out's of Hybriding in GT PSP. This guide will explain how to find out the exact gear ratios being used, and how to...
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    Gran Turismo [US] [UCUS-98632]

    Not sure if you guys are interested in such a code for cwcheat. If you activate the code before the race starts, it'll end once you cross the Start/Finish line. If you activate after you've started the race and have cross the start line already.. it'll finish when you complete the lap. _S...
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    Gran Turismo 2 Gameshark

    lokisfather's/lotusfather's Gran Turismo 2 Hybrid and Prize Car Buying Guide. You NEED at least a Version 2.2 Gameshark (a 3.1 recomended to avoid too many lock ups) for ANY AND ALL of these codes. If you don't have one you CANNOT use these codes. So get one on ebay or a used game shop or...
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    Gran Turismo 4

    1.Easiest Money Cheat Firstly, you will need to win the Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car. Once you have it,take it for an oil change,then take it to the mercedes tuning shop and put everything into it. Once you've done that, enter it into the Deutsche Touring Car Meistershaft event in the European...
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    Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

    110,000 Credits In 30 Minutes Buy a Toyota Integra Type-R and upgrade it to the maximum. Now go to the Type-R meeting in the begginer leauge. Do the series race (5 races) and you get 5,000 for every race and 10,000 at the end. 35,000 already! Now you get an Acura worth 75,000. Sell this and you...
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    Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva

    Ace modeSelect single race mode, then press L1 + R1 at the difficulty selection screen to display the "Ace level" option.
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    Gran Turismo Concept 2001 Tokyo

    Ace modeAt the difficulty selection screen, hold L1 + R1 until "Ace" mode appears.
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    Gran Turismo - Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva (PAL-M6)

    Category Title Hacker Format Code Notes Top...
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    Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Format Code Notes Top...
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    Gran Turismo 2 [Greatest Hits] (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top A Ton Of Cash Knubzy 801D1338 E0FF 801D133A 05F5 Top Any Car Can Play Any Circuit Sage D00148E0 000C 800148E2 1000 With this code, it allows you to race cars with higher horse power in the lower class circuits. For Example: You can use the Dodge...
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    Gran Turismo 2 - Simulation Mode (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Cash Code Gran Turismo Speed Demon 801D1568 E0FF 801D156A 05F5 Top Quick Win Speed Demon D00A9F4C 0000 800A9F4C 0002 801D586A 0200 Top...
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    Gran Turismo 2 - Arcade Mode (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Clean racing screen Ashdexx 801D52C6 000C Top Modify no. of options available after a rally race Ashdexx 8005AEEC 000x 8005AEF0 000x These 2 numbers at...
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    Gran Turismo Portable NitePR AND CWCHEAT [UCUS-98632]

    ;**************************************** ; Gran Turismo Portable USA * ; UCUS-98632 * ; Oct.2009 * ; by:wawin1221 * ;**************************************** #!!======License Time Reset (Gold)...
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    Gran Turismo US [UCUS-98632] - Hybriding CWCheats

    Gran Turismo US - Hybriding CWCheats _S UCUS-98632 _G Gran Turismo [US] _C0 Empty Exhaust _L 0x2146B300 0xFFFFFFFF _L 0x2146B304 0xFFFFFFFF _C0 Turbo Exhaust _L 0x2146B2E0 0x0000095C _L 0x2146B2E4 0x0000000E _C0 Sports Exhaust _L 0x2146B300 0x00000960 _L 0x2146B304 0x00000014 _C0 Racing...
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    Gran Turismo PSP USA version CWCheats

    _S UCUS-98632 _G Gran Turismo [USA] _C0 100,000,000 _L 0x2080EA00 0x05F5E100 _C1 99 Lap Modifier _L 0x21517830 0x00000063 _L 0x21517834 0x00000063 _L 0x21517838 0x00000063 _L 0x2151A114 0x00000063 _L 0x21530894 0x00000063 _L 0x215309E0 0x00000063 _S UCUS-98632 _G Gran Turismo USA _C0 Stop...
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    Gran Turismo [USA] [UCUS-98632]

    #Credits 999,999,999 0x0080EA00 0x3B9AC9FF #S.P.Victorys 999,999 0x0081F948 0x000F423F #T.Credits 999,999,999 0x0081F940 0x3B9AC9FF #A.H.R.Victorys 999,999 0x0081F94C 0x000F423F
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    PSP 3003 Gran turismo Edition ME 6.39 Not Working

    I Have two psp's for my sons i have folled many tutorials on here i have used 6.35 B8 But i would not recognise ISO Files in the ISO Location on either psp so i thought id update to latest LCFW ME, still no luck the games are on the memory card but dont appear in the memory card section on the...
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    Gran Turismo 2 Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Event Synthesizer race Earn the Super License to unlock the "Event Synthesizer" race in Gran Turismo League. Kiddie medal The small green and yellow object on the status screen under licenses is a license award given if you miss the bronze medal by .3 to .5 seconds. The game is selective when...
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    Gran turismo Instruction Manual

    GRAN TURISMO Instruction Manual Set up your PlayStation according to the instructions in its Instruction Manual. Insert the GRAN TOURISMO disc and close the Disk cover. Turn the PlayStation ON at the POWER button. It is advised that you do not insert or remove periperherals or Memory cards once...
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