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    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

    Secret carsOn the cars selection screen, go to the following cars and use the gear-shifter in this order. Make sure to put the shifter on Neutral before you go to selected cars. Item Location Mazdaspeed6 [GG3P] Driving School Highlight Mazdaspeed6 [GG3P]. Move the shifter to...
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    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5

    Blue TachometerAfter obtaining Red Tachometer and complete Story mode's current loop Undefeated.
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    Time for Tune up

    Hey guys and gals, So honestly this whole dreampi and getting back online has really breathed new life into my old and beloved dreamcast. So now that i have a bit more money then when i did in collage, i think it is time to give the old girl a tune up. 1) So i am living in the EU and have...
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