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    Trickstyle (PAL)

    [h=3]Trickstyle (PAL)[/HEADING] All Globes Grabbed (Training) 51546DBB C0705041 51576DBB 00000006 All Rings Grabbed (Training) 7626C9EF C0705041 7625C9EF 00000008 Always 1st Place In Race 7B8ED551 E0705E81 7B8DD551 0000E201 All Globes Grabbed (Training) 51546DBB C0705041...
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    Trickstyle NTSC versus PAL?

    I've played the US version of Trickstyle before, and it dips in the framerate department quite a bit imo. I remember reading an interview with the developers well after the release, stating that they worked on the game right until the last minute, and had wanted to optimize the game more, but...
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    Trickstyle Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Access Japan early Enter the U.K. area that features a hill right before a wall that locks you from the area where Japan is located. In order to do this trick, you must hit the hill fast, jump from it, then do a spin. If done correctly you will end up jumping over the wall and into the...
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