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    Mario Kart 7

    2 Tambourine jumps After the musical note section on the big turn leading to the finish line,you will notice a big tambourine and a red and white striped jump ledge. If you take a very sharp turn you will land on the tambourine and if you can make a turbo boost jump and you will get a speed...
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    Witch & Hero III

    Advanced Difficulty On the main game screen that says Start and Dictionary, input the following: X, X, Down, Left, Right (3x), Y, Up (4x)
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    Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam – Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam on Nintendo DS (NDS). Game ID: AWKE-01B0D63E Press SELECT for Max Cash 92101290 00000004 021c6be0 3b9ac9ff d2000000 00000000 All Art, Characters & Cheats 021c6bc8 7fffffff PLAYER STAT CODES...
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    trick style ost

    Anyone know where i can "borrow" it?
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    Has anyone tried this trick with PSO ver 2 before?

    Always find a rare weapon Create a room called psoallstars. I'm assuming this means if you name your game online psoallstars you will find rare weapons but has anyone tried this? I was hunting around for info on how to get the dressing room to open for me again when I stumbled on a page of...
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    THPS1 1080° Trick

    I have never tried to do this on the Dreamcast version however If someone wants to try and let me know if they can pull it off as well id appreciate it. If not I will find a copy of the game and repost an answer with my own test.
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    PS1 Swap Trick Help

    Hi, guys. So, I requested one of my friends to burn two PS1 games: Fun! Fun! Pingu and LSD Dream Emulator, both Japanese, and never saw the light of day here in North America. Before he burnt them onto CDs, he converted them to .iso format, and he used PowerISO to burn them. So, I try and do...
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    Super Battery BOOSTER Trick and HELP

    I was thinking to buy a PSP Portable emergency charger (Google it or see on ebay) and add it with my PSP. I have a PSP 3000 and need max battery to keep the GEN hack active. I am already using an extended battery (OEM) and my battery cover is of the size of the PSP 1000 (to support the battery)...
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    Excitebots Trick Racing [RX3E01]

    Excitebots Trick Racing [RX3E01] Have all Icons 077D8010 00000010 3960FFFF 91680000 80E80000 4ABA100C 04379024 4945EFEC Have all Dioramas 077D8020 00000014 396000C8 7D64012E 7D63012E 7C84002E 4A844240 00000000 0401C26C 497BBDB4 View all Statues 0401C33C 3960000A 0401C340 917B0070 Spend...
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    Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Instruction Manual Developer: Nintendo Company Ltd. Publisher: Nintendo of America - 1990 --- Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System(R) Barker Bill's Trick ShootingTM Game Pak. This game requires the Zapper(R)...
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