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    Always Fast Travel Regarding the lag when opening maps: this is because 0.2.x added a lot of extra tests to avoid bugs, and if you're sure you don't need them, 0.1.0 actually works perfectly fine and is more efficient. Regarding 0.1.4: It runs fine on my local steam...
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    Anyone here that owns a sony psp travel case 98590?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to buy a case for my psp 3000 which does not block the headphone jack because I like to listen to music using my psp. Please tell me if the sony made psp travel case 98590 blocks the headphone jack or not. Thx in advance
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    Recommended travel case?

    My current case (this guy) doesn't seem to provide good protection. All of my UMDs ended up with the clear plastic pushed in after being stored in the case, and one of my memory cards ended up with a crack in it. They all still function, thankfully, but I'd really like to prevent that from...
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