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    Official Dreamcast transparent Controllers: JPN Edition

    In its native Japan, did they get transparent controllers of various colors that DO NOT have any "Millenium 2000" text on the front of the controller? The reason I ask is because I recently found and purchased a transparent smoke black controller with no "M 2000" on the face of the controller...
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    PSP Phat Fully Transparent Replacement Housing

    Hey guys, I've been searching through dealextreme and amazon for the last half an hour, but I can't seem to find just what I'm looking for: a fully transparent replacement house (with buttons and everything) for my PSP 1000. I saw a few that were transparent but with color, but I want just a...
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    Transparent Replacement Housing

    I was thinking of getting a Transparent Replacement Housing But I've never installed one before, so all I'd need to do is remove the motherboard and slip it inside of that? And should the Back door/Screws come with it?
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