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  1. C

    Dreamcast Rip with LBA 45000 Position + cdda Tracks ???

    Hello, I am making a Rip on a 99 Min Disc of Shenmue 2. The Problem is, the game don't work on other LBA's as the Original LBA 45000. If I make a Release on the LBA's 11700 or 11702 it don't work with any hack. But I have try it on the Original LBA and it work without any hacking of...
  2. C

    How do you unlock tracks in LeMans?

    I've been playing TD Lemans a lot and I've won a bunch of championships. During the championships I get to play on various different tracks, but when choosing a race in time attack, or multiplayer, I've still only got the 4 or so basic tracks to choose from that I started the game with. What...
  3. C

    Sonic Adventure - Unused Music Tracks?

    Let me explain. So, one day, I was playing Sonic Adventure on my little white box of joy. I got bored, and went into the Sound Test inside the Options menu. I went into "Jingle", where it displayed a bunch of music tracks from the game. But what really caught my eye was four possibly unused...
  4. F

    Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks [U] [AR] [NDS]

    [NDS] The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks [U] [AR] Game ID BKIE 94771A5D Original Cart Game ID BKIE 85AD4456 Patched Rom Code: Infinte max full hearts 0226479C 0000FFFF Code: 9999 Rupees 12264908 0000ffff
  5. F

    Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks

    XX1-069-19A Start with burst of speed 004-65A-3BE Infinite fuel 00D-46B-3BE Collisons with cars don't affect speed 003-C5B-3B7 + 002-3FA-3B7 + 000-BDA-19E Collisions barely affect speed 1E7-31B-B37 + 027-32B-A26 Start with 1 lap--ignore lap timer and counter 1E7-31B-B37 +...
  6. F

    F-Zero, Favorite Tracks

    Silence was great, and so was Big Blue and Sand Ocean, but my favorite was Port Town II.
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