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    Battle Arena Toshinden

    [h=3]Battle Arena Toshinden[/HEADING]Typed out by Unknown ----------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Arena Toshinden Instruction Booklet ----------------------------------------------------------------- Safety...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden 3

    Bonus Characters: Put the game on level 0 difficulty and play through the entire game with each character. When you've finished you'll have all the counterparts. Change the game to level 5 (hard) and beat the game with Vermilion to add Sho to the character select screen. Change the...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden 2

    Warp to Final Boss: To warp to the final boss, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up + Triangle at the title screen.
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    Battle Arena Toshinden

    Play as Gaia: To play as Gaia, press quickly: Down, Down/Back, Back, then Square button before the words finish coming together at the Main Menu/Title Screen. If done correctly there will be a "Fight" sound and the words will turn pink. Then at the player se3lect screen while Eiji is...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden Ultimate Revenge Attack

    Alternate costume colors Hold B when selecting a character. A third color is available in two player mode. Enable easy super moves Enter the "Fight as Replicant and Wolf" code, then return to the title screen. Press A, Z, C, X, B, Y when the phrase "Press Start" flashes. A sound will...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden

    All Characters When Ellis starts dancing press Up, Down, B, A, Right, Left, B, A to get every character including Gaia, Gaia 2, Uranus, and Sho. | [Sent by Bern] Fight As Gaia, Gaia II, Uranus, Or Sho Turn on the game. When the dancing demo appears press Up, Down, A, B, Right, Left, A, B...
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