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    GDC 2024 - Game Optimization with the Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite

    GDC 2024 - Game Optimization with the Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite
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    So What ever happened to that PSP Signing Tool that was to be released?

    I know something called a prxencrypter was released a while back, but it had trouble signing more 'complex' homebrews like emulators, and Bookr couldn't be signed either... but it was able to sign other simpler apps. Has any headway been made in this yet? I'd really like to update to the latest...
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    planning to buy psp 3006 version 6.35 iso tool is it good?

    What is the best version of psp 3006? that can easily be hacked and can play ps1 games, cso and iso? is the 6.35 version okay im a totally noob on psp and im planning to buy 1 within this month and im wondering which is the best, im fix on psp 3006 and i saw it has a version 6.35 in the box, is...
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    PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM?

    so i was wondering which product i should buy. The PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM? I have the God of War Bundle pack so its a psp 2001 (which i think is slim?) i was at a forum (lost the page/bookmark) the admin told me he bought the PSP Battery Service Tool and said i...
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    Tool battery wont charge

    I bought a Tool battery a few weeks ago and it charged and worked fine, a friend wanted to use it for his PSP but it wont charge, i power up the psp then insert the battery but it stays on 0% and the charge indicator just flashes but never charges up, is it now a dud?
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    Datel tool battery

    I have a slim black 2001 model psp. it has OFM ver 4.05 firmware, and know the only way to downgrade it is with pandoras battery. i dont have a psp with CFM though, so i remembered hearing that a Datel tool battery was like a "premade Pandora" the one i want to buy is a PSP MAX power tool, from...
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    ISO Tool says I'm not on 5.00/5.03/5.50 even though I'm on 5.00 m33-6

    Title says it all pretty much. I'm trying to use ISO Tool to install Prometheus (Prometheus installer wasn't working; basically telling me the same thing ISO Tool is now), but when I select CFW Change, I get the message "Not on 5.00/5.03/5.50" and then it goes back to the previous menu. Any...
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    ISO Tool

    I was just wondering what this was used for, does it allow you to play games you downloaded from psn or are there certain ISO's you can't play and this will allow you to play them and connect online?
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    ISO Tool & CSO.File problem???

    Hello i'm new to the CFW family, i'm running a psp 1000 6.20 TN-D, i'm loving it, i was able add some gameboots & some nintendo & sega emulators etc etc, just love it!... now heres my main problem, i recently added a ios loader app in my psp, ya know? to play free ios & maybe cso games but...
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    Can't Play ISO-5.5 Gen D and ISO Tool 1.51v2

    Hi guys. I've got a problem I can't figure out despite reading several threads on this great site. I recently bought a psp 2000 with 500 m-33 custom firmware. I then attempted to play an ISO I downloaded, specifically Valkyria Chronicles 3. I can see the game on the memory stick and start it...
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    Patch ISOs with iso tool

    I got a PSP go and a few games arent running. The isos are raw and unaltered, so i dont know what the problem is. They worked on 5.50 Prome-4, but not on 6.20 PRO-B8. So im trying to patch the games to see if it helps anything. Can someone run me through the process of patching a game with the...
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