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    What is better 6.20 TN or 6.35 PRO?

    hi i know that there some different about the 2 cfw, but what i wana know is what is better for some one like me. im currently running 6.35 pro but the problem is some plugin dont work with it. so the question is should i wait on 6.35 pro untill they get better or go to 6.20 tn to make use of...
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    FuSa and PSN Lover: Is there a way these work on 6.20 TN CFW?

    I'm running a PSP Go with 6.20 TN-D Permanent. I actually downgraded from 6.35 Pro-B5 because I heard more plugins worked on the older firmware. Remotejoylite seems to work. ISO support seems to work as well, as does CWCheat, but I haven't been able to get FuSa SD to work. Haven't tried PSN...
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