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    the never ending thread

    post as much as you like, as often as you like as we attempt to make a thread with a massive amount of replies.
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    Testing a new thread after addon

    Tagging addon installed, testing.
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    PSO ver 2 on ebay thread

    Phantasy Star Online (Sega Dreamcast, 2001) | eBay
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    Debunk any Dreamcast Myths You Can Think of Thread.

    huh? the myth was that the ones made after not before. the myth went something like this. to stop piracy Sega released some kind of update that would prevent the use of CD-Rs. how ever it is still bull shit. so far i have not seen a single Dreamcast that can't play CD-Rs
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    Dreamcast Karaoke Thread

    Hey guys, I have been considering getting a Japanese Karaoke unit but since i dont have a NTSC-J dreamcast it will have to sit in the box until i get the j-spec dc. I know people are saying to only buy it if you are a serious collector but i want to make the most of it. It seems like an SD card...
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    Dreamcast item price thread

    Because I have some questions about price, I wanted to start this thread. Basically I think between everyone on the forum sharing their experience and what they've seen items go for in different places, we have a good shot at computing an average price for an item. Here's what I'm wondering...
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    The White Label Thread

    as requested by Jenkins I'm moving the entire thing that's been going on in my collection thread here ;) can someone sticky it??
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    Price Check Thread

    I wasn't sure where to post a question about the value of specific games by the opinion of DC-Talk users, so I figured I'd post a new thread. If there is already one of these and I missed it, please close the thread. I know you can just look at recently completed eBay auctions but they are...
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    Happy Halloween! - Scary Dreamcast Video Thread

    Happy Halloween fellow Dreamcasters! To celebrate, post a scary Dreamcast-related YouTube video! It can be a frightening moment in a Dreamcast game, gameplay of your favorite scary DC game, or just a scary video that features a Dreamcast in some way. :D Here's my Halloween Special to kick things...
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    Japan Import Thread

    I was looking around at Dreamcast Japanese Import stuff. And came across Roommania #203. Which looks really neat, a bit weird but it is from Japan Does anyone know of other imports of that nature? Where they might not be "hidden gems", but more obscure imports that're still worth playing...
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    Dreamcast Video Thread

    So I was watching some of the videos made by AdamKoralik and it gave me the idea that we should have a thread dedicated to our dreamcast videos. Whenever you guys make a new one you could share it with everyone. Please keep it Dreamcast related though. Everyone loves a good video, don't hesitate...
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    im sure ill stuck around this thread soon dood :P

    hiy everybody! err ummm well im sure ill fit this thread soon anyway enyuu densetsu sorao no kiseki AO are released dood tried dood dood:trampoline:(wuw this one cooool dood!great cool!) also this :dc: :P
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    PSP PS HACK thread 2

    first meant to type PSP GPS HACK thread 2 hello been a while since i posted here but since they found the code to sign all homebrew,, have they found away to make all psn add on content work on a psp? i have lost my go explore umd almost a year ago and had been bought the USA Go Explore...
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    Another Memory Stick question thread

    Hey guys, I just bought a Silver PSP-2000, it comes with a 8gb Authentic 8gb stick. I think this might be a bit lacking in terms of game ISOs. So, any place I could either sell it or trade it for an other card + cash? Also I saw posts about the 2x micro SDHC to Pro Duo adapter, saying it's...
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    Another psp gps thread!!! Lol/ DLC

    hey i was probably one of the only few that actually bought go explore umd and the uk psn map pack legitly lol no matter my problem i have recently lost the umd while moving to a new house:'( so has it ever been found possible to use a legitly bought psn map pack with an ISO? is there a way...
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    new DOW2 expansion? retribution general thread

    Bullet points are the win: A new PLAYABLE faction, supposedly the Imperial Guard after a few "sightings" in screen shots. A 15 mission campaign for tyranids, orks, eldar, and most likely the new faction. does not use GFWL, uses pure steamworks Is a standalone expansion not compatible with the...
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