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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 problem... cant get themes to work

    SO I have followed all the instructions I can find.. copied over CXMB folder and contents to the root, created a seplugins folder and the vsh.txt and game txt edited vsh.txt and i still cant get plugins to work.... i just want the win 7 plugin as my theme...
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    CXMB themes not showing in 6.39

    I recently upgraded my psp 1001 to 6.39 ME-5, and I got a couple of plugins to work, PRXshot, UMD dump, NesterJ and Snes9x Euphoria. Playing UMD's from ISO also works. So far the thing giving me the most trouble is CXMB. I've tried several different versions of CXMB with several different CTF...
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    ctf themes

    how to install ctf themes on psp 6.20 b5
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    Without having to grab my PSP I think I'm on 6.39 Pro-B6 have they released any programs for themes that are east to install? Links to tutorials/Links to where I could get themes would be appreciated.
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    ok, so I installed 6.39 ME, and obviously lost all the themes I used. Which I didn't really care, but now I'm missing them so bad :/ But I like my games too, so... is there any way to get my themes back by updating the firmware (or downgrading) and keeping all my games playable?
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