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    silly computer having a hard time taking vga input

    I've been slowly trying to get around to recording videos to share, and while i have all the hardware (i think), it appears that my current computer (a tiny gateway netbook), doesn't interpret vga input. My last computer (a much heftier gateway solo pro laptop, that lasted me 9 years and was...
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    Taking a chance

    Few days ago i bought a job lot of consoles 2x megadrive 2x playstation 1 1x N64 and 1 X MasterSystem and 1X Dreamcast. Seller was honest none of the consoles where tested so sold as is £31 winning bid so the Dreamcast cost me £4.45, so tonight after buying a new video cable and controller i...
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    Gamestop to start taking Dreamcastsagain!

    Gamestop is starting to roll out a pilot program to take in retro systems (NES to Dreamcast, most major consoles) starting in NYC and Birmingham Alabama (WTF?) GameStop to Offer Classic Consoles and Games - IGN
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    psp taking too long to connect in PC

    my psp is taking too long just to connect in my PC the last i connect it has no problem but now it taking too long can someone help me with this Tnx in Advance.
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    Taking Internet Channel OFF The PSP

    I know you can change looks, games, and all that jazz on the PSP, but is it possible to take a channel OFF the PSP? I want to take the internet channel off my PSP, how would I do that if possible?
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