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  1. C

    System Disk 2

    Since this is a Dreamcast site has anyone considered the development side? Well I'll explain what System Disk 2 is. These discs were used to enable a retail Sega Dreamcast unit to read Sega Dreamcast GD-R media encoded in the same region as the unit. If you ever come across a Propeller arena...
  2. C

    Schthack Ban System Update

    Page not found | SchtServ Phantasy Star Online Private Server
  3. C

    Why did EA officially snub the Dreamcast system?

    I've read that 3rd parties steered clear due to piracy fears. I am new to the DC scene, so educate me: Are games that easily copied for the system? I thought Sega used a proprietary giga-disk media for the DC. Also, is it the lack of support from EA and other big name developers that spelled the...
  4. C

    System Link

    Do you guys think the system link cable for the dreamcast worth it? Also does anyone know if any of the fighters on the dreamcast are system link capable? If you have an answer please list the game please. Thanks
  5. C

    EGM 1989-2001 Buyers Guides System Ratings Game Rating Sega

    Maybe you guys can tell me the 2002 EGM system reviews ? : People complained I put parts or most of this in their thread, so now I'm making it its own thread. EGM system and game reviews from 1989 to 2001. If anybody wants to add to it, please do. This is meant to be Sega related. Anyway, one...
  6. C

    Top 3 DC games that should have had same system multiplayer?

    What do you think are 3 DC games that really should have had local multiplayer - but did not? My choices: 1) Gundam DX (PS2 version had 2p split screen action. On DC, that would have given the game more life and interest to me) 2) Maken X (a deathmatch mode with all the different characters...
  7. C

    Rank your favorite Sega system

    Ultra and others, how would you rate the Sega systems ? I would go : 1) Sega Genesis Model 1 (Revisions VA3 to VA6 sound best) + Sega CD Model 1 + 32 X Revision 2 and other variations (CDX, X Eye, Homemade Neptunes, Nomad etc). Just so you guys know once my Genesis Model 1, 32x, Sega CD and...
  8. C

    What games on Dreamcast made the system what it is for you?

    So as the subject asks, what game/s define what the Dreamcast is all about? I'll have to start off with Quake III Arena. Being the first console First-Person Shooter to have online multiplayer and all, it really boils down to the Split-Screen for me. It's where I spent the majority of my time...
  9. C

    Do you agree with this "greatest shmup system" poll and dc

    Do you agree with this "greatest shmup system" poll and dc thread discussion ? Best "shmup" system, DC, TG16, other - Page 4 Weak soundtracks, not many great shmups ? Some members videos posted in post 1.
  10. C

    Anyone emulate dreamcast on a handheld system?

    It's taken many years, but it seems that around 2013/2014, good quality dreamcast emulation has become a possibility on android OS devices through reicast (emulator). There are several chinese manufactured handhelds that are starting to have good enough specs to run games smoothly, and in fact...
  11. C

    Petition for Dreamcast Remastered system hit 6k supporters

    Yep an actual petition about the Dreamcast on change . org is starting to go viral guys. It presently has 6.3k supporters as of this posting, and growing. Lets show SEGA and the industry just how much the little white box means :) If your in the Dreamcast Gamers Facebook group I and...
  12. F

    Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

    Defeating General CorrosiveIn last level, you will find yourself in ruins of the Space Station that you destroyed earlier. After General Corrosive survives the crash, he will get very mad, but will not be that 'indestructible'. First, try to shoot off his right leg so he will not be that...
  13. F

    Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System

    [h=3]New game plus[/HEADING] Unlockable How to Unlock Strong mode Clear the game once Weak mode Clear the Trial mode Contributed By: sephirosuy.
  14. C

    Daily Roundup: PlayStation 4 facts, coding in the education system, PlayJam GameStick review and more!

    You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on...
  15. F

    System Alert

    Current host has just issued a warning Web Hosting February 22, 2013 at 7:36 PM Some customers are currently experiencing delays managing new and existing hosting accounts. We're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Thanks for your patience. If you feel extreme lag on the site...
  16. F

    UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System

    [h=1]UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System[/HEADING] Achievements Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points: Unlockable: How to Unlock: "Thunder" Kickboxer (10 GP) Successfully complete all 12 Javier Mendez-specific exercises...
  17. C

    Xbox 360 system update released

    'Behind-the-scenes' improvements ahead of another update this Autumn. Microsoft has released a system update today for the Xbox 360. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories PS Vita sales soar 150% in Japan Xbox 720: Spring 2014 launch 'makes more sense' - Pachter DLC fighters 'not...
  18. E

    3DS system update now live, adds patch support

    Also introduces folder functionality to the system's Home screen. The latest 3DS firmware update has gone live in all regions. Click here to read the full article More...
  19. C

    it says system already 9.0.0 version no need to upgrade

    i want upgrade from 5.50GEN D-3 prome 4 to 6.20TN-C to play final fantasy dissidia 012..my psp model is psp 2000..i saw some post saying cannot upgrade to OFW FROM CFW...CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT? if i run dissiadia from 5.50GEN D3 PROME 4 the game can start but hangs before i get to play...the...
  20. C

    Getting past system updates on a hacked PSP

    My friend has a hacked PSP Slim, and he has a legal copy of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II. The trouble is that when he boots up the disc, it forces him to perform a system update, effectively un-hacking his PSP. Is there a way to get around this?
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