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    Central Dome Fire Swirl

    I'm trying to get the Mark 3 Mag, and this is the quest that gives it to you, but from what I have read online, it is Sega downloadable content, is there anyway to do it?
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    Dreamcast Swirl on Tekken During Wii U Presentation

    I noticed this during the Wii U presentation at E3 2011. Maybe it's a secret hidden message from Sega ;)
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    What colored swirl do you prefer?

    Now I'm sure we all have our preference on what colored swirl best suits the Dreamcast, but say you were to put aside your nostalgia for a moment and question what swirl you truly think looks the best. Would you still pick your home region's swirl? Maybe you've always envied one over the other...
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    Sega Swirl Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Higher score Execute a big move, then pause the game during the animation and choose to restart. The move you just did will register on your new game.
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