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    Sega Survey

    as You know sega is asking fans to help make their games better SEGA Survey - March 2016 and list everything from dreamcast to sg-1000, whats you guys opinion? this is a really cool thing that a big company is doing and shows on how they care about our opinion (maybe)
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    New Sega Survey!

    New SEGA survey asking fans what franchises they want to see revived >> SEGAbits - #1 Source for SEGA News what will you vote for? i personally want a panzer dragoon collection or a port of burning rangers ect
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    CVG user survey - get involved and improve the site!

    A chance to have your say on where we go next... Surveys, they're perhaps not the most exciting way to spend your time while visiting a web site and most people will simply click on the 'no thanks' option without a further thought, unless of course there's a cheeky 'Win some cool stuff'...
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