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    Summoner: A Goddess Reborn

    1 [M] DZMU-RP1Z-28XR3 8P46-6FMJ-7ZRJP Selected Character Codes 2 Max Health RZFR-9FQE-69RBU BUDG-BPNV-T3UP3 3 Infinite Health 6FTC-P3C6-QPJ9D GPXH-4JAF-2A2Q4 4 Max MP 52AT-MX07-WB06G H3ZR-WFK1-Z0PQJ 5 Infinite MP C8RG-Y9QD-D01YD KX7F-PDPP-EU45E 6 Level 20 JF0J-BRCH-H2R9R...
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    everything else you are requesting i could not find Max HP(All Characters) 201C6174 3C01447A 201C6178 AE0105F8 Infinite Health(All Characters) ported from PAL 2021f8fc 8E6105F8 2021f900 AE6105FC 1 Hit Kill After Selecting Target ported from PAL 20226ca8 3C013A00 20226cac AC6105FC Max AP(All...
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    Summoner 2

    -Max Resistances for All Characters (ex. Blunt, Energy, Fire, Ice, Piercing, Slashing) -Invincibility for All Characters -All items available to use at start (meaning in inventory) Ex. (Weapons, armor, necklaces, rings) -Every character immune to ALL negative status effects (Ex. of code i'm...
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