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    Game suggestions

    Get awesome people on dctalk, I really like zelda and metroid type games and want to play a game on my dreamcast that's like those types of games. Let me know! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Suggestions for games?

    Hello! I bought a Dreamcast a couple of months ago and sadly haven't found many games I think I'd like. What would you recommend if I like: Daytona USA Hydro Thunder Jet Set Radio Chrono Trigger Metal Gear Solid The Legend of Zelda Super Smash Brothers Street Fighter II Fallout 3 & NV Portal...
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    Suggestions for good quality imports

    Hey guys, so my U.S. collection is pretty solid right now but I'm looking to expand into the imports. I'm aware of the pricey expensive SHMUPS like Zero Gunner 2 and Under Defeat. I'm hoping to get lucky getting them without giving an arm and a leg :roll: Do any of you have recommendations...
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    My brother's PSP won't charge, suggestions?

    I bought my brother a used PSP-1000 a while back, and it's been working perfectly except for the charger. Even when using my official charging cable that works on my PSP, his won't charge. It hasn't been a problem since the PSP came with an external charger, but now his screen is broken. I...
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    I got a psp 1001 6.20 B5 perm n I was wondering what do u recommend putting on there as far as apps, homebrew etc.??
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    I need wii game suggestions

    I am going to get a new wii game. i had in mind mario and sonic at the olympic games, i really want wii fit, but i don't think I can wait so long to raise enough money. What are your suggestions of buying such a game which is worth playing..?
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