Stumped is a method of dismissing a batter in cricket, in which the wicket-keeper puts down the striker's wicket while the striker is out of their ground (the batter leaves their ground when they have moved down the pitch beyond the popping crease, often in an attempt to hit the ball). It is governed by Law 39 of the Laws of Cricket.Being "out of their ground" means no part of the batter's body, equipment or bat is touching the ground behind the crease.
Stumped is a special case of run out, but a stumping can only be effected by the wicket keeper without the intervention of another fielder, when the striker is not attempting a run, and the ball must not be a no-ball. Where both modes of dismissal could be adjudged (i.e. it is the striker who is liable to be out, by action of the keeper alone, when the striker is not attempting a run, on a legitimate delivery) a stumping will be recorded and credited to the bowler and keeper.As always in cricket, one of the fielding team must appeal for the wicket by asking the umpires. It is the square-leg umpire who adjudicates all stumpings, and all run-out appeals at the striker's end.

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