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    covers & booklets for homebrew & unreleased stuff

    check this out; the guy makes it all himself & its all for sale personally I think he does an awesome job 8-) Flickr
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    Have you ever purposefully horded stuff away?

    Not really off topic since I was thinking of doing this with some DC/sega stuff. I realized that I have a tendency to "rotate" back to some of my older hobbies that I've forgotten about or lost interest in, simply by relocating some stuff related to those hobbies. For example, I used to play...
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    Dreamcast arts and crafts stuff on

    In case you didn't already know, etsy is a website for merchants to sell stuff but it has more of a homemade arts and crafts angle, rather than places like ebay. I got bored and searched for dreamcast items, here are some I found: Dreamcast controller "desk mate": This is a DC controller that...
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    Wait! COOL/RARE STUFF are avaible at the NET.

    I was surfed for stuff to sell Dreamcast on school and I found these... Codercable Dreamcast Dreamcast Coders Cable kaufen | 5000312 | Konsolenkost EDIT: Links below need to search manually. Sega Dreamcast Hello Kitty...
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    PSX rips for Bleemcast and bleem beta all colors stuff

    A few years back I made 211 selfboot bleemcast disks. I am still a fan of this emulator. Recently I went back to this bleemcast stuff. So, I was doing this: using the ip.bin that is from the leaked bleem beta all colors, not using the bundled ip.bin from the bleemcast selfboot script. (when...
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    Woah, dudeâ?¦this is some weird stuff...

    I remember watching this video a while ago, and I came back to rewatch it. It's pretty interesting seeing a Japanese conference revealing the Dreamcast (even though it pretty much tanked there in its early years), but there was a part that I found a little.odd. .Just watch this video from 1:50...
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    *WIP* Sega Dreamcast Font + Sega stuff

    Hello everyone, As I already said in the new member topic, I am a graphic designer and a Dreamcast enthusiast (even if I am a total noob compared to you guys). I have been looking a long time for the Sega Dreamcast font we all know and love. But there is apparently no way to get the font on the...
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    PSP's UMD drive plugged out and replaced with way cooler stuff

    Hello ladies and gentle men, While I was exploring youtubes deep jungles, I found this video: Watch it, be amazed. I wish I could do the same with my psp (with a double Memory card slot duh :bucktooth:). I wonder if some of you guys...
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    PSX Emulator Help. I'm so hopeless with this stuff v.v

    So, I just beat Crisis Core on my PSP again. The first time I beat it and it says "To be continues in Final Fantasy VII" popped up, I just wanted to pop in FFVII and play away. Sadly, my PSP was unhackable at that time. Now, however, it is hacked with 6.20 PRO-B6 on my PSP 3000, which was...
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    need help with iso stuff

    ok, i know we're not sposed to re-post, but i jus need to know what the best iso loader is for my psp3000: cfw 6.20 pro b8. and if possible how to use it. and do i needa have a umd?
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    How can i hack my psp so i can play downloaded games and other stuff?

    i have a psp one of the first ones released in that year and wondering how can i hack it myself with software or any other stuff needed to hack it so i can play downloaded games. its system version is 6.00 i updated it because i had to since gta china town wars wouldn't play if not updated. Thanks!
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    Downgrading and stuff

    Not very new to hacking but everyone could use some help some times. I'm trying to downgrade from 6.20 to a state where I can play ISO's. If someone could direct me in the way of doing this, it'd be deeply appreciated.
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