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    Sega Studios Australia to close later this year

    Sega Studios Australia, the team behind 2009's Stormrise and London 2012 Olympics, will close "later this year," Sega tells Kotaku. Sega Studios Australia was originally part of The Creative Assembly Australia, responsible for Medieval 2: Total War, but was renamed to work on the Olympics game...
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    Wii U Is A Powerhouse With HD Capabilities, Says Retro Studios

    It looks like the tide may be turning, with news about the Wii U's potential memory bandwidth being higher than the Xbox One and some rocking games due out this year, Nintendo's latest console is finally starting to break away from the doom and gloom shell, and step out into the light of...
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    Zen Studios confirms Star Wars Pinball for Wii U on July 11th

    For fans of Zen Studios’ Zen Pinball 2, you’ll be excited to know that the Star Wars tables will be releasing for the game on July 11th. Three tables will be available, including the Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars tables. If you have Zen Pinball 2 on...
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    Rumor: Microsoft's internal studios behind, courted Respawn for exclusive Here's a few bits about the Respawn deal: "The long-awaited first game from Respawn Entertainment—the studio helmed by the creators of Call of Duty—will be exclusive to the next-gen Xbox, according to two unrelated sources familiar with the...
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