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    strange, some goodies from pso-world, are they v2 findable?

    I really want this; - Items - Heart of Poumn After seeing how it looks in-game. Is the picture posted of the dc version a legit item? Does this drop in version 2 games? Also, most of the mag kits (console mag cells), and hearts (like devil , kapu kapu, & chu chu), say that...
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    strange Sega screen

    So you guys know the screen that shows up after the Dreamcast logo? It's just a regular Sega logo. Well I put in a Japanese copy of Sega Rally Champ 2., and that screen displayed the regular Sega logo, but also included a Windows CE logo on the bottom right corner. I wonder why they did this...
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    Strange off brand 4x memory card

    Anyone seen one of these before ? I got it with a extra console i bought a while back and forgot about. seems to work fine so far though the pages are hard to discern as the LED's have to shine through the solid plastic shell.
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    Strange PSP1k Shutdown playing KH BBS

    I've got a 1000 with GEN-D3. Occasionally while playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep with over 80% battery, it'd freeze or black screen on me and shut down. Is this a FW problem? I could upgrade but don't wana bother if there's an alternative.
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    Strange UMD problem..

    Hi, I own a PSP 3004......I havent been using my UMD's lately (for over 6 months now)....but now when i try to play a game with my UMD, the UMD options is not diplayed in the XMB - When I insert a UMD and close the door, (if i move my ear to the drive), I hear the disk spinning but only for a...
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    UMD strange sounds

    So my psp slim*its a 2001 model* is making some weird sounds when I try to play umd games like its grinding, or the laser is catching on something..I can take pictures if needed
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    A really strange 5.50 gen d2 problem....

    I wanted to update my psp from 5.50 gen d2 to 6.35 pro b in order to play tha newest games.... I have read in the internet that i have to use 6.35 ofw in order to update to 6.35 pro b.... so i downloaded the ofw and tried to install it... as i mentioned before i have 5.50 gen d2.So,when i...
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    PSP-2000, 5.00 M33-6, strange sound problem

    Friend of mine has a PSP-2000. It is running 5.00 M33-6 CFW, it is a hackable, pandora-able motherboard. He's been having a strange intermittent issue with the sound. It started out isolated to playing PSX eboots, the sound would just cut out, but apparently it's reached the point where there's...
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