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    Nintendo Reveals Best Buy Stores Featuring E3 Promotion

    If you want to see what’s offered from Nintendo plan a drive to your nearest Best Buy The list of locations has been revealed for Nintendo’s E3 demos offered throughout Best Buy locations across North America. Alabama Birmingham Huntsville Arkansas Fort Smith North Little Rock Arizona...
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    GAME shutting 35 stores,

    Affected outlets have been notified of closure plans. GAME has announced plans to close 35 stores and its website. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Can Current PSPs in stores be hacked?

    Now that the PSP is $130, I'm thinking of buying one, but was wondering if the current models sold in stores can be hacked to run .isos I've read a few things, and it seems it's dependent on firmware? Does anyone know what firmware current PSPs are shipped with?
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