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    [ Dreamcast GD-ROM Stops Spinning | No Laser ] Which Resistor, Chip or Capacitor to Replace?

    Hi. I had a PAL Dreamcast given to me by a friend. I played a music CD, fell asleep and left it playing (I think the repeat was pressed) the music overnight. The GD-ROM spindle doesn't spin nor does the laser move or light up but it does power up normally and boots to the Dreamcast menu. I then...
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    Dreamcast starts reading disc then stops

    here is what you need to do: Open up your dreamcast until you have your dreamcast gd-rom visible. remove the cables that go from the gd-rom to the motherboard. they are behind 2 black clips. you need to get these cables from under those clips so it is exposed. then move the actual lens all the...
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